Bow Hunting photo

This video isn’t all about deer hunting (although the host does kill a couple whitetails in it). I’m posting it here in the BBZ Blog because I think everyone who bowhunts whitetails will appreciate the sentiment behind this film: doing it the hard way.

The project is essentially a love letter to hunting with a self-made, traditional bow. It’s pretty slow-moving at times, but that seems to jive with the theme overall. My main takeaway: when it comes to bowhunting, the process is even more important than the results. It’s great to kill a P&Y buck with your compound bow at 40 yards, but the experience of killing a doe with a self-made bow at 20 yards can be just as meaningful, and maybe even more so.

Keeping with the DIY theme, Clay Hayes wrote, shot, and edited this film on his own and it’s grittier than a lot of the high-production hunting videos out there. That’s another reason I like it.

I don’t hunt with a traditional bow because for me, hunting big-game with a compound is still plenty challenging. But still, I love the message of “Untamed.”

How about you?