We all know that we should hunt all day during the rut, but how many of us actually do it? Pulling off an all day sit is definitely easier said than done, but with proper planning you can survive a full 12 hours on stand. If you can do that, you just might finally get a crack at one of those midday monsters you’ve heard so many stories about. That said, here are my three keys to pulling off an all day sit. If you can, take my advice, head for a tree and plan on a long, but hopefully exciting day.

1. Food: Surviving an all day sit is all about making it “just one more hour” and having something to look forward to throughout the day can really help in this area. Packing a good amount of food for your all day sits will give you the fuel needed to stay awake and warm, and also provide a welcome opportunity for excitement on regular increments throughout the day. I recommend items like jerky, bananas, apples, trail mix, lunchables and PB & J.

2. Entertainment: Hunting through the middle of the day can be rewarding, but it can also at times be very dull. Making it through the long midday hours can be a lot more enjoyable if you have a little bit of reading material or some other kind of small entertainment that can keep your mind off of squirrels, while also not being so distracting that you’ll miss any deer moving through. I’m a big fan of eBooks on my phone for this purpose.

3. Comfort: Finally, if you can’t maintain a basic level of comfort, there’s no way you’ll make it through a full day on stand. Make sure to have clothing that will keep you warm and dry, and consider bringing an extra seat cushion too. Twelve hours on stand can leave you pretty sore if your treestand seat is lacking.