After we published two blog posts by Craig Dougherty recently here on BBZ—Will Winter Wipe Out Your Deer Herd? and Feeding Deer? The Ugly Winter of 2015—Dougherty received this note and the below photographs from a hunting buddy in Rochester, N.Y. These six trail cam photos show just how much snow has accumulated in the region in the last month, and give you an idea of how difficult it is for deer to move around. Plus, on top of the harsh elements, predators are still on the prowl…

From John in Rochester:

“I enjoyed your two recent blogs about how the deer are handling this winter and thought you might like to see some of the local impact. I couldn’t remember when the first heavy snow came, but checking my cameras yesterday I found that on January 31 we had only 3 to 4 inches of snow, so the deep snow has been here less than 30 days so far. But obviously the temps of the “coldest month ever” have compounded things. The pictures show pretty clearly when the heavier storms came and the accumulation. And unfortunately, the coyotes are still out trying to make a living. Think spring!”