“Chasing Spring” is up and running, and as turkey hunters go, we’re all impatiently waiting for spring and to hear the morning love song of the wild gobbler.

But until the snow melts, spring peepers sing and wild flowers bloom, “Chasing Spring” will cover sports show seminars, NWTF national convention and scouting trips and tips. During these events “Chasing Spring” will share hunting information with the masses, passing on all that we have learned from years of battling the spring time ghost, the Wild Gobbler.

Also as hunters it is very important that we give back and always represent hunting and hunters in a positive way. So earlier this month “Chasing Spring” participated in KKountry 95 20th Radiothon to help raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

KKountry 95 FM, Ozarks radio net work, is a 100,000 watt powerhouse FM radio station in Thayer, Missouri which sends a signal throughout a 40,000 square mile area.

While on air with Mr. Tommy “Tom Cat” Garner and his wife Wanda, I gave away Calling is everything DVD’s, Sounds of Spring CD’s and 1 year subscriptions to Outdoor Guide magazine to those that called in to become partners in Hope for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

I also had the opportunity to spread the gospel of Outdoor Life and “Chasing Spring,” but more importantly, I helped raise some money for a very important cause, the kids of ST Jude’s.