Thus far, Chasing Spring has been a whirlwind of sports shows and seminars, but the time has finally come to get things started! Our first gobbler hunt of the new year begins Monday morning as we go into battle in the swamps of southern Florida. Now THIS is what Chasing Spring is all about–the first gobble of a new spring.

I’ve always loved hunting Osceolas and will always remember 1982, the first time I yelped in the swamps. I just couldn’t get over the dramatic change of real estate as it compared to the Ozark mountains of Missouri. But from that first Osceola gobble and my first glimpse of the Florida swamp ghost, I was hooked for life.

I’ve hunted Florida for many years now, but as I gather calls and gear I find myself just as excited as I was back in 1982. But here’s the really cool part and something that wasn’t possible back then–Outdoor Life and Chasing Spring will share it all with you as we bring back all the sights and sounds of an Osceola spring. Stay tuned cause here we go!