After our central Missouri KFNS media hunt, Chasing spring loaded up immediately for the drive to Southeast Missouri Ozarks for our next hunt with Camp Hope, where veterans heal up by fishing, hiking, 4-wheeling and hunting.

Camp Hope was founded by William White who lost his 23-year-old son, Christopher Neal White, in Iraq in 2006. He decided to memorialize him by buying 170 acres in Missouri, naming it Chris Neal Farm and dedicating it to wounded vets (click here to see the gallery).

Today, there are more than 2.3 million combat wounded veterans in the U.S. These brave men and women have sacrificed much to ensure our safety and freedom. The number of combat wounded veterans is growing each day as the war on terror continues.

White believes the best healing comes after a good deer or turkey hunt. And there’s not way to replace just sitting around the campfire to share experiences with good friends.

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Camp Hope is a non-profit 501(C)3 Corporation. Your donation is therefore tax deductible.