Three years ago my friend and I decided to change things up. We decided to get out of the tree stand and, when the situation was right, spot-and-stalk mature whitetail bucks. My friend’s property helped make this move possible: a 1,200-acre farm with a tremendous amount of abandoned farm fields gone to CRP.

For a successful stalk, many conditions have to be right, as you’ll see in the video. Good wind, locked-down does and a high shooting house or observation post where you can watch the deer in the CRP are just part of the recipe. Taking it to the ground, above all, takes patience and planning. But when it comes together, it’s some of the most reward deer hunting I’ve ever experience.

When The Wide Nine walked into my mousetrap two years ago, I could see him, I could hear him, and I could smell him. At eight yards away, on the ground, it was only him and me — a heart-racing hunt experience if I’ve ever had one.

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