How to Fish for Bass Like a Pro: Spinnerbait Tips from Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam has built his pro bass fishing career on effectively using spinnerbaits. One of the most versatile bass baits of all time, spinnerbaits can be fished deep, shallow, and everywhere in between. But there's more to it than just casting and retrieving.

I got a chance to fish with KVD on a lake in Upstate New York last summer and he spilled a couple of his spinnerbait fishing secrets...

Use the Right Blade and Head: Choosing the right head weight and blade size and shape is critical. A simple rule of thumb: use a lighter spinnerbait with smaller blades in shallow water and a larger bait in deep water.

Match Your Retrieve to Water Clarity: On bright days in clear water, run your spinnerbait fast. This is to not give bass as long to inspect your bait in crystal clear conditions. Rip the spinner bait quickly for reaction strikes. That's not an issue on overcast days or in turbid water, so slow down your retrieve in darker conditions.

Bump the Bait: Run your spinnerbait into cover like docks, vegetation, or logs. The erratic motion will trigger more strikes. If you're fishing open water, give the bait sporadic jerks to create the same effect.

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