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We’re in that time of year when a lot of bass are transitioning from their postspawn lull to their summer patterns. In a lot of lakes, particularly those in river systems, that means a prominent migration to offshore structure.

Humps, rock piles, deep trees—all can factor into this movement, as well as river system ledges and drops. Those who’ve found piles of fish on their summer haunts eagerly await the opportunity to head offshore and throw big crankbaits, effective swimbaits and deadly spoons.

However, en route to the deep stuff, don’t overlook those transitional areas—those last-minute stop-offs the fish often visit before starting their summer break.

One of the best is what anglers call “wash-ups”—trees washed onto the flats and deposited in shallow water a short swim from the big plunge. Bass moving out of the pockets and off the points will take advantage of what amounts to that final gas station before the interstate.

Your standard pitching/flipping tactics work great here, so sling those Texas-rigged worms and creature baits, send those jigs into the cover and, by all means, give your favorite squarebill crankbait a handful of reps.

Any washup is worth a look, but those sitting along the channel edge near the mouth of a creek or underwater drain hold particularly keen potential as you take advantage of the bass’ origin and destination.