A hefty meal that’s easily caught is such an easy summer sell for largemouth bass. If you’re envisioning a big worm (something in the 10-plus inches range), then you’re right on target.

When the dog days of summer bring unbearably high heat, the green fish seek more comfortable conditions in shady solaces and deeper water. With cooler digs located, the fish still have to eat.

Chasing is a lower priority this time of year, so one of your best strategies relies on easy access. Try these big worm presentations:

1. Cast and Drag
Texas-rig the worm with a ¼-ounce bullet weight and drag it across main lake points and offshore humps.

2. Carolina Rig
Place a ¾- to 1-ounce slip sinker above the swivel linking 20-pound fluorocarbon main line to a 2- to 4-foot monofilament leader tied to a 5/0 extra wide gap hook. This is another good presentation for points, and offshore structure.

3. Punching
Use a heavy bullet weight (3/4- to 1-ounce), braided line and a stout hook to engage bass lounging under weed mats.

4. Something on the Roof
Texas rig a big worm with no weight, slide it across the tops of matted hydrilla and you’re likely to see just what bass think of small snakes. Straight tail worms will work, but ribbontails create a more lifelike display.

The options are many, but the principle remains constant: Big worms fit the need and the motivation level of summer bass.