Getangry2_2It figures. Since the delusional PETA People discovered that their recent tough love tactics flopped—you’ll remember their campaign of killing rescued animals, throwing the bodies into dumpsters, and the billboard images of the puppy with a treble hook lure distending its mouth—there’s been a tactical sea change in their war room. It’s all about cartoon-cuddly now, and what better way to plant the brain worm of unreality in the minds of kids.

The campaign—it’s been on-going a little while now—is called the Fish Empathy Project. One of its get-involved “good works” had supporters contribute to a Fish Empathy Quilt. Yes. Participants have stitched-up 100 squares that once assembled bloomed to 300-plus square feet. It’s all in “honor of the billions of fish who are abused and killed by humans every year for food and sport.”

Wait, don’t puke yet.

Now on this quilt in places is the fin-jerk mantra from that cute (and error-riddled) movie Finding Nemo. Remember? “Fish are friends, not food.”

SGetangry2_2_2upporter/fundraisers have a kit bag of talking points to trot out in their efforts. Stuff like “Fish talk to each other, tend well-kept gardens, build nests, and collect rocks for building hiding places where they can rest.” Some of the many factoids have esoteric foundation, but the convoluted presentation is, like PETA thinking, other worldly.

That’s the problem. Non-reality in the form of soft, cuddly cartoons that humanize even the nastiest of critters (I expect a kids book devoted to the misunderstood cockroach shortly) are effective tools to hammer home even the most ill-conceived of messages.

I don’t like typing it but you need to see the kind of propaganda the P-People spew. Check and click around there to see.

If you spot some of this stuff being slipped into kids library reading hours, school programs, or wherever, I want to hear about it. Likewise, I hope to hear your thoughts on all the above, in general—including maybe ways we can help punch it head-on.