Salmon_coladaSo everybody’s waving their hands about US toys made in China, but how about fish? If you don’t know, you should, that we’re all eating more farmed fish these days, and more of it is being imported from other countries, many of them in Asia and Southeast Asia. That prompted the US Food and Drug Administration last June to issue an import control on farm-raised catfish, basa, shrimp, dace and eel from China, and I’d wager more controls are on the way for farm-raised shrimp and fish from other foreign nations. Right now the Feds aren’t saying you shouldn’t eat any of the imports. They’re simply holding products from China at the borders until importers can prove the stuff is free of various antimicrobials and other stuff that we don’t allow.

No way are the Feds trying to tell you that fish aren’t good for you—especially fish high in those heart-happy Omega oils. Recently a tongue –in-cheek (literally) Canadian wag proposed getting your fish oils from local catches while enjoying a toddy or two. Here’s his recipe for Salmon Colada:

3 ounces of light rum
2 cups crushed ice
3 tablespoons pineapple juice
3 tablespoons coconut milk
1 oz. fresh salmon
Blend all ingredients and garnish with a salmon head

If anyone at the party starts talking about the importance of Omega-3 fatty oils, simply point to your drink and say, “Hey, Dude, whattayou think I’m doin’ here?” As the night wears on you might even give the salmon head a name, says the recipe originator, maybe have it deliver a monologue on the importance of healthful eating—and drinking.

Well, at least you’ll get folks’ attention.