Everybody needs to brag once in awhile about special fish catches, and just like drooling over big buck photos, it’s always neat checking out pix of big or noteworthy fish, including some that have recently made the record book. Here are a couple recent IGFA records that struck me as interesting. See if you agree…

1.B1_junior_walleye_recordobby Greer of Dayton, Ohio, is a 13-year-old angler who just claimed the new walleye junior record with a fish weighing 10lbs., 5 oz. The young angler was fishing Birch Island, Canada and used a Hot-n-Tot to coax this nice marble eye.

2. T2_12lbline_whiterock_record_2he new 12-lb. line -class for whiterock bass (whiteXstriper hybrid) is a slob of a thing weighing 25 lbs. 6 oz. taken on a Rapala Shad Rap by Dan Hannum of Dayton, Ohio. The fish came from Nevada’s Lahonton Reservoir. It took him 22 minutes to bring in.

3. G3_8_lb_fly_tippet_pink_salmoneorge P. Mann of Opelika, Ala., is a fly rod record hunter who now holds 31 tippet records including his latest, a 9 lb. 10 oz. pink salmon taken on 8 lb. tippet from Summer Straight, Alaska. It took him 25 minutes to land.

4. O4_8lb_line_class_almaco_jackn a skippers’ holiday, Capt. Buddy L. Nolan of Chester, Va., was guided by his friend, Capt. Ricky Dale, to score the new 8-lb. line-class record for almaco jack. Capt. Nolan’s fish weighed 25 lb. 14 oz. He boated it in 45 minutes after it chomped a Winstead Arrowhead jig.

5. A5_womens_4lb_line_class_lingcodnother record hunter, Rebecca Reynolds-Wright of Hollywood, Fla., scored the new women’s lingcod 4-lb. line- class record. She was fishing in the Gulf of Alaska using cut bait when the 42-lb. ling ate the bait and fought for 20 minutes on the light line before she brought it to the boat. Rebecca has 35 line-class records to date.

6. I6_130lblineclass_blue_catfishn the heavy line category—that’s 130-lb.line -class—Eric Maurer is the new record holder for blue catfish. His fish was taken jigging cut bait from Tennessee’s Chickamauga Lake, and weighed 84 lbs. Eric took 45 minutes to bring it in. The previous 130-lb. line -class record blue came from the same lake.

So how about you? If you made any interesting fish catches this year and have a decent photo of them, I’d love to check them out. No records needed; just a fish that’s memorable for you or someone in your family. Send them to me at: . I’ll be looking forward to it.