Len “Spinner” Harris is a small-stream trout wizard who guides in Wisconsin’s famed Driftless Area, a fascinating, varied country that was never touched by glaciers.

Aside from his angling skills, Len is an accomplished photographer. You can see some of his work on his website:

Bored one day, he decided to electronically excise patches of skin from some of trout in his photos, assembling them in an interesting layout. What came together is a quiz for Outdoor Life readers.

The challenge: Can you identify the type of trout in each of the 31 images here? Len cautions that these are all small-stream Midwestern trout. As I’m sure you know, trout (as well as other game fish) exhibit color/marking variations across the U.S.

There are three trout species in this quiz: Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Tiger (a hybrid male brook crossed with a female brown).

Click here to take the skin quiz!

If you’d like to fish with Len, contact him at the above site, or:
Len Harris
Driftless Area Trout Adventures