Madmarinerdockinggame If you handle your own boat and also like to fiddle at the computer, you’re going to want to check out Mad Mariner’s new offering called The Docking Game.

It’s an Internet-based video game whose challenge is for you navigate your electronic boat into floating docks, T-heads, fingers piers and such. You use keyboard arrows to navigate your boat, and must avoid hazards (other boats, buoys, shallows). While you’re navigating, little surprises come up like waves, traffic, wind gusts, darkness, marine life.

First two times a tried it, I first crashed, and then ran out of gas—but then I don’t play video games. Things are improving.

You get free low-level playing but if you want a higher level experience, you can opt for a 30-day free trial after which you need a paid subscription. Or give a call at 888-256-5011.