Lake_life_ray_scottI get reader letters about fish kills in small lakes and ponds on a regular basis, and now here’s something that can help prevent such heartbreakers. If you’re lucky enough to have permission to fish a private pond or small lake, you should let the owner know about this product. And if you’re even luckier and own such a small fishing water, you’ll be excited about how this invention is going to maintain your considerable investment—both in money and hard work building up the fishery.

A bit over three decades ago BASS founder Ray Scott experienced a massive fish kill on his private bass and panfish pond. Scott told me how, after his fish had been pushed into a thin band of oxygenated water near the surface after days of hot, windless weather, a cold wind blew in, mixing the top layer with zero oxygen lower water. There just wasn’t enough oxygen left in the lake. Scott was greeted in the morning with the horrible sight of nearly all of his fish floating belly-up.

From that day Scott began devising a mixing device. You can’t call it a simple aerator that merely bubbles the top water layer. It’s a kind of pump with an enclosed fan at the top that forces the surface water down, and the low oxygen water up. Though Scott admits his first devices were crude, he kept fiddling with the system and finally went to a manufacturer that specializes in water circulators, de-icers and similar items. Their engineers refined Scott’s concept and the result will become available in March.

It’s called the Lake Life Pump. The accompanying diagram shows how it works. It’s far from being inexpensive, but for those who already have a considerable investment in a small fishing water, it’s well worth investigating.

The Prescott, Wisconsin-based manufacturer is Kasco Marine. Check it out for yourself.