Hi Jerry… I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the Doug Hannon Wave Spin reel..

With a full-time desk job during the day, the only time I can make it out on the water is in theFishblog219 darkness of night-time fishing.. a scenario that makes for tough fishing when you get wind knots that you can’t see in the dark. I take out many novice anglers and non-fishing savy friends and I find myself handing them this Wave Spin reel for fishing at night because I dont get the wind-loop problems like I’ve had with other reels. I’m not an engineer and I dont know how or why this reel reduces those wind loops but I dont care.. it works, and its given us more time to fish rather than spending the time in darkness trying to untangle spectra knots. Great product, good drag that lands big fish like this tarpon. And when it comes time to changing the line on the reel its a breeze with the spool-separation capability.

The angler in the photo, Gus Pedrayes, caught this nice tarpon off Miami early Monday morning. His first tarpon ever.. on the reel.

Good Fishin,

Adrian Gray