Outdoor Life friend and Venice, Louisiana charterboat skipper Devlin Roussell has been through the hell before. Venice was Ground Zero for Hurricane Katrina which completely destroyed one of North America’s finest fishing destinations. With Hurricane Gustav’s sights firmly set on Venice again, we’ve asked Roussell to provide readers with updates on storm preparation. Stay tuned to for the latest on Gustav and how it will affect hunters and fishermen:

“I am southbound for the third time today. I have brought two boats up and now I am headed down to make preparations to pull my 30-footer out and to fish tomorrow. We have to take advantage of the last for a while. Highway 23 has been a non-stop line of trucks pulling boats, campers and trailers northward. Just before a holiday weekend they should be heading the other way. I have only seen one southbound boat. That is just odd.

“The good news, for us, is that the track of the storm has taken a jog to the west. We wish this thing on no one, but that offers us a bit of breathing room. Unfortunately, not enough to relax. Wow! I just watched a northbound Mako have a blowout. That sucks for that guy. I’ve been there.

“The Marina (Cypress Cove) is going to shut down tomorrow at 3 p.m. and we still expect an evacuation to be called Saturday. We are all still planning to leave if this track continues. All of this on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of Katina.”

P.S. “This all has already cost $400 in fuel, $350 in tires, a pair of Cost Del Mars and three packs of smokes. I HATE towing boats!”