Img00045 “Mayor Ray Nagin, New Orleans, was very concise in his description of this storm. He called Gustav, in his 7 p.m. press conference, the mother of all storms. That is saying a lot after what we went through with Katrina. Katrina was a real benchmark and if this is worse, we are all in real trouble. We are now hearing talk of 20+ foot storm surge. Up to 20,000 people have been assisted in evacuation by the city and state. This puts us leaps and bounds above where we were at this point 3 years ago. The New Orleans Metro area is emptiyng out.

“My family and I have just pulled out. My wife’s suv and my truck are filled to the rim. We let the kids pack anything that they wanted. It amazes me what is important to kids. My oldest daughter took her championship softball trophey and her game balls. My youngest daughter brought every doll that she owns. I am taking a few shotguns and rifle’s and my wife has loaded every photo album that we have. We made sure that we had birth certificates, passports and SS cards. God, I hope that this is for naught.

“We are lucky, we are going to visit with friends in Columbus Mississippi. Being with friends makes this so much easier. We will make a dove hunt on Monday. I deer hunt up there and the trip takes me about 6 hours but in the morning, it will take us more than 12 hours. My wife will drive with the kids and I will take the dog.

“We cleaned out our fridge and freezers tonight. We packed an ice chest with all kinds of great stuff, to bring with us. We packed some duck, lots of venison, back strap and sausage, and some fish and shrimp. We will eat well up there.

“Hopefully we will be able to head home on Thursday with no harm or loss. If that is the outcome, I would give my left you know what for that.” Devlin Roussell