“We’ve been on the road all day–since 5 this morning when we left New Orleans behind. After taking hours and hours to go just 35 miles, things are beginning to finally open up and we’ve actually hit 45 miles an hour after traveling at 4 mph for most of the day. Thankfully both my wife, who is up ahead of me in the suv with the kids, and I have enough range in our vehicles to finish out the trip to Mississippi. There’s really no place that has gas, but I think we can finish out the trip. Will hopefully get there by midnight or so.

“Meanwhile, behind us out in the Gulf, buoy reports put some wave heights at 45 feet—but that’s far out in the deeper water of the Gulf. As they hit the shallows, the waves will stack up. Hard to imagine what it would be like right now to be near where we were fishing just two days ago.—Devlin RoussellImg00056