“The private levees on the Eastbank of Plaquemines (Braithwaite, Canarevon Diversion , to White Ditch going north) are giving way as we speak. They are evacuating everyone over there quickly before it gives…

“On a better note, one of the inshore guides has ridden with the PPSO Sheriff all the way south down Hwy 23 to Venice, La. and it looks much better than Katrina. Keep fingers crossed the private and back levees hold on our side of the river and we should be fine.

“Also I just received a phone call from a deputy that my neighborhood in Belle Chasse is high and dry as is the majority of the mid and northern Parish– just some big trees down.
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“I don’t think our neighbors to the west in areas such as Lafitte/Cocodrie/Port Fourchon fared as well…”—Susan Gros