My wife and kids and I are in great shape up here in Mississippi. The hospitality has been great. My brother and his family stayed in Baton Rouge and he is taking a beating. The storm passed right over them. They had some pretty good damage but no trees went through their house.

I spoke to a friend who that reported that Lower Plaquemines fared well. Middle Plaquemines has reported flooding from the back levee. Was going to give in Myrtle Grove. That is bad news but it could be a lot worse.

All in all, I am so sad for all of our friends who were so effected by this disaster. I feel bad about feeling relieved about being spared. God bless all of those people that are going through this, I have been theren I know what you are going through. To all of our brothers in the fishing industry, please let us know how we can help. What is mine is yours.—Devlin Roussell