Freshwater photo

004 I was contacted by Chris at Chris’ Bait and Tackle inquiring about a junior world record. She told me a nine-year-old weighed in a fish over 50 pounds. I rode over to the Eastern Shore to check it out, and sure enough, an excited ilttle boy had a fish that tipped the scale at 50.9 lbs! The existing Small Fry record was sitting at 47-pounds, 9-ounces. I assisted with the application, and congratulated the boy and his family.

Bill Garren and his son, Jake of Ironto, VA were floating eels off of Kiptopeake, when the bobber on the rod Jake was holding dipped under. Jake described how he fought the fish for only three minutes! He also explained that when his Dad saw the fish, he thought it was the biggest striper he had ever seen, but didn’t let on to Jake because he didn’t want him to get too excited and risk losing the fish. Jake said he battled the fish cleanly to the net his dad held ready.

Jake’s striper is now a pending IGFA Small Fry World Record. It is a clean application, so I don’t see any problems with it’s approval.—Dr. Julie Ball