Tred wants you all to know that he had never worked harder at anything in his life. He undergoes physiotherapy all-day, everyday. At the end of his first week in rehab, he has experienced no improvement in the sensation in his lower body, though neither has he lost any ground. He especially works on upper-body strength and has quickly earned the respect of his doctors and therapists for working more intensely than anyone they’ve ever met. IF he never gets the use of his legs back again, it will certainly NOT be for lack of effort.

Tred is getting better at maneuvering his wheelchair and practices shooting his bow and casting light tackle everyday. He has physical glitches to deal with like undiagnosed pain and difficulty regulating body temperature. He is learning how to ameliorate bed sores. But overall, he is optimistic and grateful that he is as good as he is — especially after seeing so many others in his rehab center so much worse off than he is.

So keep the thoughts and prayers coming. Tred has a very long, arduous and frustrating journey ahead of him. He needs every bit of support you can share. Thanks.–Dean Travis Clarke