Last month Trinity County Texas Game Wardens Chad Jones and Sam Shanafelt were patrolling White Rock Creek when they spotted a man throwing trash from his pontoon boat. When wardens investigated they discovered a baited Yo-Yo (illegal to fish with in Texas) and a canister of marijuana aboard the boat.

Had the “fisherman” not littered, chances are he probably never would have been detained and ultimately fined.

In honor of Mr. Litter-Bug’s (not real name) dumb move here are few other stupid ways to attract attention while fishing illegally:

Playing loud music – Yeah, base-thumping gangsta’ rap complete with shout outs about “bitches,” “drugs,” “smoking a blunt,” and “gunning that fool down” won’t attract anyone.

Utilizing explosives – Nothing attracts attention like trying to blast fish from the depths.

Utilizing poisons – “I couldn’t help but wonder why you’re wearing a fully enclosed hazmat suit on such a beautiful day.”

Nudity – If you like showing off your body in public chances are it’s not worth showing off.

Public drunkenness – Being fall-down drunk, yelling to passing female boaters to “drop y’er top baby!” and screaming for anyone within earshot to “play some Skynard” are dead giveaways that you’ve probably had a few too many.

Screaming obscenities – Yes, fishing can be frustrating but screaming about the alleged sex practices of your relatives will definitely attract attention.

Being scorched – A little sun–normal. Looking like a lobster, so red that when people spot you they say “damn!” out loud attracts attention.

Have any more? Best one–chosen by me–wins a couple real nice fishing lures. The deadline is Friday. C’mon now, let’s hear ’em.