It’s being hailed as the biggest crab Great Britain’s ever seen.

The press has dubbed it “Crabzilla.”

Those uppity Latin-speaking scientists refer to it as Macrocheira kaempferi.

The Japanese would normally call it dinner.

It’s actually a Japanese Spider Crab and it measures an incredible 10 feet from claw to claw. But it could get bigger. Experts believe the crab is still growing and by the time it reaches 100 years of age it could be as wide as 15 feet from claw to claw. As it stands now its head is so large it draws comparisons to a basketball – which is incredible in itself because the British wouldn’t know what a basketball was if LeBron James dunked one in the Queen Mother’s crown. The Brits like cricket not basketball.

Crabzilla, who was caught off the coast of Japan, is currently residing at the National Sea Life Centre (forget basketball, the Brits can’t even spell) in Birmingham before being shipped off for permanent residence in Belgium. Generally, Japanese Spider Crabs are eaten but Crabzilla’s exceptional size saved him from the steamer.

I wonder how much butter I’d need for over 10 feet of crab legs.