8 Foot Catfish

It's hard to top out at 18 but that's exactly what happened to 18 year old Simon Field last month when he landed a fish the size of a canoe in Spain. Field could fish the remainder of his lifetime and odds are he'll never beat the size - and thrill - of battling his 7 foot 11 inch, 211 pound monster catfish. His catch also puts him in a pretty exclusive group of fishermen as, according to the Daily Mail, Field is one of only 30 people in the United Kingdom to land a freshwater fish weighing more than 200 pounds. When considering all of Europe, the number of anglers only jumps to around 300.

Field caught the fish through perseverance and patience by fishing the Segre River in 18 hour shifts. For three days he and his godfather Richard Cornes fished from 6 am to midnight. On the third day, while he was eating his dinner, Field's line screamed. He dropped his meal and spent the next twenty minutes (that's right - it only took him 20 minutes) in a tug of war with a monster from the deep. Luckily Field and his 100kg (around 220 pounds) braided line held tight and the fish was landed. After the shock of the catch wore off and photos were taken Field - with much help - released the gargantuan back to the river.

Amazingly enough though, Field's fish was 15 pounds shy of tying the Segre River's record catfish. Maybe Field hasn't topped out yet after all.