BP’s promised monthly “business-interruption” payments of $5,000 to charter boat captains and fishing outfitters affected by the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon disaster have seemingly dried up. In a telephone conversation with a BP representative yesterday, Venice, Louisiana charterboat Captain Devlin Roussel, the Gulf Coast fishing veteran was basically told to not hold his breath for the next payment.

“I called BP yesterday to inquire as to when I might be able to expect another check,” Roussel told Outdoor Life. “I was told that I might get one at the end of June–if at all. Considering that I’ve lost thousands and thousands of dollars already due to the spill…well, I’m not doing too good right now–none of us are. The banks want their money and I can’t fish. We’re screwed and that’s an understatement.”

Perhaps, Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures, who hosted last year’s Outdoor Life fishing tackle test, said it best:

“I’ve always said that I’ll keep fishing come hell or high water,” Lambert explained. “Well I made it through Katrina which was my high water. This is my hell, but I don’t know how we’re going to make it through this.”