As work crews race to lower a 100-ton containment dome that will hopefully cut off the flow of oil caused by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, fishing guides in the region report that those areas unaffected by the spill are yielding some of the best fishing of the season. Mike Lane on reports:

“In areas not affected by the oil spill the fishing is getting hot. There are many charter captains that have perfectly clean water and tons of beautiful Louisiana fish to be caught.

“If you usually book guided trips or would like to enjoy some great charter fishing for the first time, give these guys a call.

We have one of the best charter captain groups in the word and the best overall fishing anywhere on the planet.

“The government officials are constantly monitoring water and fish quality to insure that all seafood caught in our waters are perfectly safe. In areas where it is even remotely possible for contamination, the areas are closed.

“Give these guides a call, they will shoot straight with you.

They need your business now more than ever. It may be a business expense or you could look at as a donation to a group of very hard working professional with one exception… you will have the trip of a lifetime, with great fun being had by all.

“The support from the people of the United States was amazing after Katrina, once again we need your help.

“Please keep in mind that The Louisiana coast produces 25% of our domestic oil and over 33% of the seafood in the lower 48 states. The industry produces 3.4 billion dollars in yearly revenue and supports over 20,000 jobs.

“Please view this spill as a National Emergency for the affect on Louisiana and even more so if it affects the other Gulf Coast States.

“Hire a fishing guide today and request Louisiana Seafood when you dine out!”