Be A Gulf Coast Volunteer

Wish you can help out with the oil spill and the impact on wildlife in your community? The National Wildlife Federation is looking for volunteers who can help with monitoring and reporting on wildlife in the Gulf States. Even as the oil is been halted--the work is just getting started. Volunteers will continue to be needed for at least the next 2-4 months (minimum)--and longer as new opportunities arise.

Who: Live within 20-30 miles of the coast and can weekly travel to coast

What: Identify Wildlife (species and behaviors- additional training provided). Understand the coastal eco-system - what is normal and what should be seen or not seen

How: Need a GPS (handheld), field guides, digital camera. Ability to observe at least 1 day a week for at least a month. Physically able to walk or boat at least 1-3 miles

Special Situations:

LA - need access to a boat or kayak; boating license very helpful

Sign up or learn more by visiting:

Contact: or call 703-438-6439

NOTE: Volunteers interested in handling wildlife (rescuing and rehabbing) need to have special training and certifications. Please contact your local wildlife rescue agency to receive training.