The Fishing Show 2010

OL's Gear Editor travels to fabulously hot Las Vegas to scope out the latest and greatest fishing gear...

I left New York City today, first flying over Jamaica Bay, then continuing west over the Hudson and Delaware rivers. Before long our jet cast its shadow upon Lake Michigan before soaring some 30,000 feet above inland lakes in Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska. As we crossed over the Rockies, alpine lakes and mountain streams glistened below. As we made our final descent into Las Vegas, desert reservoirs popped out of the red-brown landscape like chunks of turquoise.

Why, in the name of all that is good in this world, am I in Las Vegas, where the temperature is expected to hit an unfathomable 114 degrees by the end of the week? I've come out here to check out all the new rods, reels, baits, lines and other fishing gear that will be used on all of those above-mentioned bodies of water in the coming year.

This week, the fishing tackle industry is holding its annual trade show, known as ICAST, here in this land of neon and dry heat, and Outdoor Life is here to cover it. Check back to Gone Fishin' throughout the week for updates from the show floor and a sneak peak at what you'll be fishing with on your home waters in 2011. --John Taranto