Gayne Vs. Internet Music

Ok. What the hell is wrong with this guy? I mean really, what the hell is wrong with him? I … Continued

Ok. What the hell is wrong with this guy? I mean really, what the hell is wrong with him?

I mean I have mental problems – obviously – but I take drugs for them. And even if I quit taking my medication for a few days I doubt my mind would lead me in the direction of this guy’s noggin. The extreme mental instability to which I am referring belongs to Environmentalist Andy Brandy Casagrande whose song and accompanying video for “The Great White Shark Song” have become an internet hit.

The song is a rousing first person narrative in which the Casagrande melodically ponders what he’d do if he were a great white. In the first verse Casagrande makes it clear that “If I was a great white I wouldn’t bite you…but I’d swim right next to you and ask you how you do.” From there the song takes a pretty nasty turn as Casagrande makes the leap that, apparently, all humans swim around with cold steel in their hands waiting to ambush singing sharks. Casagrande sings, “then you’d look at me and pull out a harpoon…and try to shoot me…then I’d realize how f*****g really hungry I am right now…sorry about your leg…I’ll be back in a while…for the rest…don’t stress…my sister will be back to clean up this mess…relax…kick back…it’s only a great white shark attack…” The rest of the song pretty much follows the same pattern.

For the video of the song, Casagrande traveled to the azul waters off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico to swim with great whites. To prove that the sharks are harmless he swam with them in the open, free from the confines of a cage. He did, however, take his guitar with him. Of the experience Casagrande said, “People think I was mad to jump in the water holding only my guitar, but I proved my point. I am still here.”

All he proved to me is that he’s a pretty bad song writer and lacks caution. Swimming with sharks is never a completely safe idea. Sharks are wild and unpredictable and to imply otherwise isn’t very responsible. Casagrande swimming with great whites in his video didn’t prove that sharks are harmless. It proved that he was lucky. Or that sharks don’t quite know what to make of underwater guitar players. To me, Casagrande, ranks right up there with the late Steve Irwin who continually tried to show that animals are safe to interact with. Unfortunately, Irwin died trying to prove that point. I hope that same fate doesn’t befall Casagrande.

What do you think Outdoor Life readers? Is Casagrande a nut job? Am I too judgmental? Comment below.