In three weeks a bass worth $1 million will be swimming around Lake Erie near Buffalo, New York and an Illinois angler named Michael Skidmore will have a chance to catch it.

Skidmore won the Early Times Kentucky Whisky sweepstakes and on Sept. 24th he’ll fish Lake Erie for a tagged bass. If he catches it, he’ll become a millionaire. For winning the sweepstakes, Skidmore won a Triton bass boat and some fishing gear, and he’ll also get to fish with professional bass angler Kevin Wirth during his pursuit of the million-dollar bass.

Skidmore will need all the help he can get. Lake Erie spans 9,940 square miles and he he’ll only get one day to fish. Even with the great Kevin Wirth in his boat, his odds of catching that one bass can’t be much better than scoring a date with Heidi Klum.

But right now the odds don’t really seem to be bothering Skidmore.

“I want to thank Early Times for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity to fish with a professional angler and have the chance to win a million dollars,” Skidmore said. “I am really looking forward to spending the day on the lake with Kevin and bringing home the million dollar fish.”

Do any of you bass anglers out there have some Hail Mary advice for Skidmore?

Photo: Harris Hill Resort