I began this trip in Maine, moved down the East Coast, and am now headed west. As I move westward, the states are getting bigger, and the driving time is getting longer. It feels like you can spend light years driving and still be in Texas.

Music, of course, is an essential part of any fishing road trip. You listen on the way, around the fire the night before, and depending on the fishing, maybe even on the boat. I’ve been told that Atlantic salmon prefer Led Zeppelin by Maine guide Brooke Hidell, and that bluefin tuna are partial to Johnny Cash. I encountered a band of bonefish guides in Islamorada, and got to spend with E-Street saxophone player Clarence Clemons.

But the hours on the road are adding up and I need more music. So what have you got? When the boat’s on the trailer and the tackle box is loaded, what goes on the radio between you and the water. Is there a song or band that’s good-luck listening before launch? Do you have the radio on the boat, or is that too loud?

Here’s my road trip lucky 13, for listening between fishing destinations, in no particular order. But I need more, so help me out. There’s a lot of country left so don’t be shy. Which belong and which don’t and which need to be bumped for better listening between casting? I’ll take good-luck music, fishing-related music, or just plain road-trip rock.

Baba O’Riley, The Who
Midnight Rider, The Allman Brothers
Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
Proud Mary, CCR
Running On Empty, Jackson Browne
Ramble On, Led Zeppelin
Free Fallin’, Tom Petty
Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan
Turn the Page, Bob Seger
Take It Easy, The Eagles
My Ride’s Here, Warren Zevon
Learning to Fly, Pink Floyd
Crossroads, Eric Clapton