Was your last catch just too big to put on the wall? Do pictures just not do it justice? Do you wish more people could see your prized catch? Then, have I got a trophy idea for you! How about tossing your fish in a 56-foot by 10-foot by 23-foot glass tomb filled with formol (a 10 percent solution of formaldehyde in water) situated on the beach? Sure, this will run you around $16,000 but think of all the people who will see it!

Sound crazy? Well that’s exactly what the people of the Bac Lieu province in Vietnam did this past week when a dead whale washed onto their beach. Utilizing government and private funds, the massive 52-foot whale was preserved on site so locals could worship it as the “God of the sea.”

So many people have visited the whale that a thriving vending business has also been established at the site (Come on, how can you not want a beer and a corn dog after a hard day of praying to a whale?).

While authorities have failed to say what species the whale is or how it died, they have stated that, given the limited amount of formol used in the tomb (that stuff’s expensive), the whale will only remain preserved for a few years.

So get there as soon as you can!