Two men. Two nights. Two fish. One hundred seventy-seven pounds of carp.

Best friends Paul Roberts and Richard Middleton made history last week when they each reeled in monster carp on two successive nights on a small lake near Dijon, France. Yes, that Dijon – the one made famous for its extremely strong mustard. And now for monster carp. The Dijon tourism board must be jumping with joy. “Now we are known for mustard and carp! Ce Magnifique!” (That last bit’s funnier if you imitate Pepe Le Pew when you read it aloud.)

The first night of their fishing vacation Middleton netted an 83-pound brown fish. The next night Roberts trumped his friend’s catch by pulling in what would be a new world record 94-pound Scar carp. Roberts later recounted, “As I was reeling it in, I saw what fish it was and then my legs turned to jelly.” His legs felt no strain though as removing fish from the lake is strictly forbidden. “Everything is done in the water and you’re not allowed to take the fish out so I had to jump in the lake [to retrieve him]!”

That meant no fish n’ chips with Dijon mustard dipping sauce.

Roberts wasn’t disappointed that he had to release his record though. Rather he exclaimed, “That’s definitely the highlight of my fishing career.”

What do you think Outdoor Life readers? What would you do with a 94 pound carp? Do you like mustard on your fish? Would you go to France to fish? Or for mustard? Or to fish while coated in mustard? Comment below!