The Saltwater Sportsman 2011 National Seminar Series kicks into gear this weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Outdoor Life is ready to give away one free ticket to attend if you’re the 5th user who e-mails me at:

Just say: “I want to go” and the 5th e-mailer will be in for free.

“The National Seminar Series is without a doubt a great way to learn the short-cuts to fishing success, regardless of your level of experience,” says SWS Editor-At-Large and Seminar Series Host George Poveromo. “The amount of information revealed up on that stage borders on the unbelievable at times. There are no secrets withheld, and I’m constantly amazed at just how specific our faculty gets. The best endorsement to the program’s quality and valuable fishing content, however, is the fact that it has been packing major auditoriums for well over two decades – 24 years to be exact!

The Atlantic City show is scheduled for this Saturday, January 8 at the Trump Marina Hotel Casino.

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