He’s doing this to prove that “…elderly people can do something interesting” and that compared to him, I’m a wimp. OK, he’s also making the voyage to raise money for the charity WaterAid, which helps provide clean water to poor countries.

Smith, who has authored more than thirty books in addition to making a slew of documentaries, has spent more than five years planning the trip and obtaining materials for the raft. The raft, An-tiki, measures 36 x 20 feet with a 20 x 7 foot cabin that can accommodate two sailors at a time.
A net fence runs the perimeter the raft to insure that Smith, 84, or any of his all over the age of fifty years of age crew of three falls overboard For food, the crew plans to live off of stores of cornflakes, eggs, and bananas as well as caught fish and plankton. According to Smith, eating the latter only makes sense, “Plankton is good enough for the blue whale, the biggest creature on earth, to eat, so it’s good enough for us.” Alcohol will also be packed for the 2,800 mile voyage.

“Everyone’s quite keen on a drink, so it’s not so much beer as rum and whisky.”

For the record, I, myself, have no plans to cross the Atlantic on a craft roughly the size of two Suburbans. But then I’m a wimp compared to Anthony Smith. Are you? Comment below!