As someone that’s always looking for new and creative ways to emotionally scar his children, I am pleased to announce that I’ve come across a new product that will allow me to do just that while offering the added bonus of creeping me out as well. I’m speaking of course of the ChumBuddy.

The ChumBuddy is a 7 foot hand sewn sleeping bag in the shape of a killer great white shark. The opening is creatively placed as the shark’s serrated teeth linedcavernous mouth. Children sleeping in the ChumBuddy resemble Quint in his final scene of Jaws in which he’s being consumed by the monstrous shark in a maelstrom of blood, the sound of teeth crunching bone, and the high pitched screams of a man being eaten alive. What parent wouldn’t want to carry the image of their child in that role to bed with them every night? I know I do.

The ChumBuddy is constructed of fleece and felt and is filled with close to thirty pounds of Poly-Fill – which is just enough to crush the breath out of most kids under four years of age.

While I’m very intrigued by the ChumBuddy, at $250 I think I’ll wait until the designer comes out with one that resembles a snake eating my child.

Order the ChumBuddy here.