“Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals; I’m living proof.” Cartman, South Park

Yes, dreams can come true. One of mine came to pass this week when the UPS man struggled to the point of a coronary to deliver my new YETI 250 Quart Tundra cooler to my front porch. With a slash of his electronic pen, I became the proud owner of the pinnacle of ice chests, the mecca of in the field refrigeration, the Cadillac of beer chests, the…the…owner of a really nice cooler.

But one thing I didn’t take into account when ordering my life dream was just how big it was. At almost 2 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet my new YETI is BIG. How big?

It’s so big my kids used it as a hot tub on the day it arrived.
It’s so big that when I threw it in the air it got stuck.
It’s so big that it beeps when it backs up.
It’s so big it holds more beer than I could drink in one sitting – and that’s a lot of beer!
It’s so big Sea World asked to rent it out for a whale show.
It’s so big I have to pay property taxes on it.
It’s so big John Goodman could use it as a casket.
It’s so big it has an area code.
It’s so big I have to put lights on it at night.
It’s so big Michael Phelps drowned in it trying to swim from one end of it to the other.
It’s so big I need Outdoor Life readers to tell me how big it is. Comment below!

The best response to “It’s so big…” wins a Black Bore “DFA: Death From Above” DVD! So get to it!