Peanut butter and jelly. Scotch and cigars. Fall and deer hunting. Hot air balloons and fishing.

Hot air balloons and fishing? Yeah, that one threw me as well. These things do not go together … right? Well, Dave Newman a British angler seemed to think they might last week when he tried unsuccessfully to “fly fish” from a hot air balloon.

According to the Mail Online, Newman, a 53-year-old local pub owner, is an avid fly-fisher but could never get at the big salmon that kept to the middle of the River Wye near his bar. Newman explained his attempt saying, “It was a bit of a lark really, I normally wade in so far and fly-fish but can’t get to the larger ones in the middle. I thought a hot air balloon would help me reach the places other fishermen can’t get to but, alas, it wasn’t to be.”

Newman took to the air in a balloon provided by Wye Valley Aviation Ltd. After leveling out at 10 feet above the river, he casted for more than a half hour without any luck. Patrons at his White Lion pub enjoyed the show however and Newman has vowed to try again.

Why didn’t this guy just rent a boat?