There were tons of new product ideas at the annual ICAST Show last weekend in Las Vegas, where inventors ply their wares in hopes of striking it rich. Some new products are an immediate sensation, others, well―the genius isn’t as readily apparent.

Here are three products I’m on the fence about. So help us decide. Are these items the next “gotta have’s” or are they destined to be forgotten?

Ninja Turtles?
Well, maybe not. Arguably, largemouth bass eat turtles. Turtles present a nesting threat to females and provide a tasty snack at other times. The folks at Castalia Outdoors have harnessed the power of the turtle and molded it into their Bombshell Turtle. The 3-inch bait is fished like any other soft plastic. ($5.99/6-pack;

Chum Me
Every year we see at least one product that makes us go―”huh?” The JABO Remote Control Bait Boat is equipped with a “chum dumper,” hook-and-line carrier, remote control, and fish finder. The idea is this: 1) load with chum; 2) bait your line and attach; 3) send the boat out onto the lake using the remote to find a likely fishing spot with the built-in fish finder; 4) hit a button― dump the chum and your hook (still connected to your fishing rod); and 5) get ready for the action. We kid you not. ($ we were afraid to ask)

Rock On Dude…
Lead sinkers have come under fire from any number of governmental agencies and activist groups of late. Rocky Brook Sinkers are limestone “rocks” (for lack of a better term), with swivels attached. The manufacturer claims they’re harder to hang up, are odorless, and keep waterways lead-free. ($2.98/12-pack assortment;