It’s perhaps what lies at the core for us as outdoorsman: the chance that every so often we’ll bear witness to a unique event, a once-in-a-lifetime happenstance. Fishing buddy Eddie Permenter calls this amazing site his “National Geographic” moment.

While fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast a couple of weeks ago, Permenter and buddy Steve Herbison happened upon a rather fascinating fish boil.

“Throughout the years, I have seen redfish “boil up” on bait a number of times,” Permenter says. “However, this weekend, we experienced a once in a life time “National Geographic moment.” As we were scouting the area, we came upon a very large group of redfish in what I would call a perfect circle. As we pulled up, we noticed that the redfish were making the circle on top of the water and inside the circle was the bait. Also we could see redfish a few feet down inside the circle attacking the bait from below. The redfish had the bait surrounded with no where for them to escape. We hooked up instantly and still managed to watch the phenomenon as we fought our fish. I have included a photo although it really doesn’t give what we saw justice.”

Cool photo, Eddie. Have you ever had one of those epic, once-in-a-lifetime moments on the water? I’d love to hear about them.