The other day a buddy asked me if I had a fantasy fish–the one fish that I hadn’t caught that I’d really like to catch. My answer was simple: a Wels catfish. Found primarily in Europe, these fish grow to humongous sizes. The world record, just recently caught in Italy’s River Po, weighed more than 250 pounds and measured over 8 feet, 2 inches. Reeling in one of those giants has got to be just an incredible experience.

Well, British angler Jonathan Avery sure got a taste for that thrill last weekend when he landed a giant of his own while fishing the River Segre in Spain. It took five men to help haul Avery’s catfish to the bank where it was taped at 8 feet, 3 inches. It was later weighed at 245 pounds. Quite the reward for 15 hours of fishing.

Ahhhhhh someday I hope to be as fortunate.