Flipping allows you to reach fish under the thickest of vegetation. But sometimes the slop is just too thick to punch through. That’s where Berkley’s Slop Craw comes in–designed specifically for punching through the thickest of mats.

The Slop Craw has a dramatically streamlined profile. The claws are small and tapered forward in a teardrop shape. The appendages are swept forward too, very slightly.
I flipped the Slop Craw in the thickest greenery I could find recently while in Florida. In fact, I made sure the mats were impenetrable by other popular flip baits.

I was genuinely surprised at how easily the bait slithered through. The bait’s thorax is solid, keeping the bait rigidly inline. Large tungsten flipping weights mate nicely at the bait’s base, providing a seamless transition between soft plastic and weight.

If they’d asked me, I’d have lobbied for a molded-in hook slot to keep the point shielded yet ready for a crushing hook set. Available in black and blue, green pumpkin, lime-purple passion, sapphire blue black fleck, vampire orange and watermelon red fleck. ($3.49/10-pak)