There has always been a disconnect between cutting-edge technology and fisheries science. But that is rapidly changing, thanks in part to revolutionary innovations, such as tagging technology that uses satellites to track fish, providing a wealth of data to fisheries biologists. The information that they then disseminate through written treatises is being used by anglers like never before in their relentless quest to catch more and bigger fish.

Ph.D.’s know more about the secret lives of gamefish than any fishing pro might hope to. Isn’t it about time we pay attention to the people who study fish habits for a living?

Outdoor Life sought out some of the biologists whose work is on the leading edge of this revolutionary research. Their startling revelations are guaranteed to make you more successful this season.

Here’s how they weighed on four popular gamefish species:

1) Bass

2) Crappies

3) Rainbow Trout

4) Walleye