I’m a gadget junkie. You know what I’m talking about. I love those nifty, little products that solve life’s most irritating problems. And one of the most frustrating things in the fishing world is putting line on your favorite reel without having anyone there to hold the spool.

I sit with a screwdriver stuck through the spool hole, and wedged between my legs. Eventually the spool goes off, spinning out of control across the floor and wrapping itself around everything it comes in contact with.

Berkley’s Mini Line Spooler promises to make it easier to spool your reels. Four holes which vary in size clamp around your rod. A long, threaded T-handle slips through the spool, holding the spool and applying tension for the perfect spool job.

I love the simplicity of this spooler. And it works great for baitcasters. However, I fill my spinning reels off the end of the spool. The Mini Spooler does not have a configuration for this type of filling.

MSRP: $4.99