When was the last time you heard: “if you believe that one, I’ve got a trophy salmon stream in Yemen I’d like to sell you?” Here’s another of my favorites: “An ichthyologist, 10,000 salmon, and an Arab Sheik with a fly rod walk into a bar…” I keep that one in my hip pocket for closing time cause it’s guaranteed to score me a complimentary beverage for the long slog home.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Hollywood spins a new, more unbelievable tale. As they say, “Coming soon to a theatre near you, CBS Films presents, the feel-good film of the year, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” What the…

The story line of this epic story is simple; a wealthy Arab Sheik with a passion for fly fishing, wants to introduce salmon fishing to Yemen. Hum. Somehow, he’s decided it will improve Anglo-Arab relations. His logic is solid, people should “fish not fight.” Okay, I’m onboard with that.

But there’s a twist (there’s always a twist). To survive, salmon need water. Plenty of icy-cold water. Last I checked, Yemen’s desert climate is a tad shy on frigid freshwater salmon habitat. So begins the journey of building the Yemen salmon stream and international relations. A couple good one liners:

But a question begs asking. Say the Sheik is slay’in ’em on a Bella Coola Bomber dry fly. And the British Prime Minister has been lobbing Blue Spankers and Cranberry Flashflys without as much as a sniff. Frustrated, the Brit has the audacity to ask the Sheik for his lucky Bella Coola Bomber. I mean really? Bam! Instant international incident. Just say’in.