I passed by a booth at an iCAST Show in Las Vegas and a nice feller handed me a pack of hooks. Cool, some more hooks for my collection.

Back home, upon examination, I saw these hooks promised amazing things.

Foremost in their claims: they were beyond sharp.

Hmm… Where have I heard that before? So I threw them into my bag when I was heading out on a bassing expedition.

During my outing, I tied on one of these hooks and threaded on a smallish soft jerk bait. Well, a livewell full of fish later–I realized my hook-up ratio was 1:1. Everything that bit–I hooked. Not one to be swayed by outlandish marketing hype, I switched to a competitor’s “ultra-sharp” hook. My hookups suffered immediately.

After using these hooks for the past year now, I can say they perform as hyped. ($7/6-pack)