I simply love specialty rods. One can never, and I mean never, have enough rods and the Wright & McGill Deep “2” Crankin rod is the quintessential specialty rod.

The rod comes from the Rick Clunn Signature Series and is made for the crankers out there who can never get their crankbaits deep enough.

At a monstrous 7’8″, this split-handled rod will throw crankbaits from here to eternity. Its build is a specialized glass, one that reminded me of older fiberglass rods, however, with more sensitivity and considerably lighter.

The rod’s gentle action is perfect for crankbaits with fine wire hooks that require kid gloves when retrieving fish. While billed as “a crankbait rod,” I threw buzz baits with it too. The slow-to-react blank increased hook-ups and the added length allowed me to cover water quickly with ridiculously long casts.

MSRP: $89

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